Endless [Chapter 16]


Etta sneaked out of the bed and rushed to the bathroom. All through the night, she couldn’t sleep. Her eyes were on Bobby’s face. She had wondered where his feelings had been all these while. Why he didn’t do these things to her before Didi came into their lives. It was going to be such a short time before their sweet romance ends.

He had always told her that on his wedding day, she would make a toast for him. She couldn’t imagine doing that after they’d made love and kissed, and wished to belong in each other’s life forever.

She shook away the notion, reached for the bar of lux soap and concentrated on lathering her hands. The feel of the wet, slick soap made her palms tingle as she swirled the bar in her hands up and down her throat, over her shoulders. But she didn’t feel her own fingertips. She felt his, trailing over her skin, circling her nipples, grasping the rope nubs and twisting until she felt the pull of desire between her legs.

Her hands stilled and she drew a deep, steadying breath.

She wasn’t doing this. Thinking of Bobby even when he was right there on the bed of same suite she was. She’d promised herself a long time ago that she wasn’t going to sleep with her client. But Bobby wasn’t just a client to her, he was her best friend, since from childhood. They were seat mates in class, and while she was the Senior prefect, he was the general senior prefect.

She would have just let the the emotion pass by without kissing him back and letting him touch her.

She reached for a shampoo bottle. It was tall and cool between her finger tips. If she could just focus on the sensation, she could forget the heat burning her up from the inside out. It reminded her of the way Bobby made love to her, like his life was inside her body. She hurriedly poured water over her body and rushed to the room. She wore one of the dresses he’d bought for her the previous day and it fitted her perfectly. It was a black satin dress that had a little belt on the waist line. She brushed her hair gently and carried all her belongings away, including the shopping bag that contained the new dresses Bobby bought.

As she stepped out of the hotel, she said to herself that she was never going to tell anyone of what happened between her and Bobby, not Nameh and not her sister Ekaette. This secret would die within her until she finds her man, and also wished that he would love her softly, just the way her best friend did. But was she ever going to feel this way for someone else?

She got into a cab and as soon as she got to her office, she locked her office door.

His name stuck in her head and brought to mind all sorts of lustful thoughts. Of herself naked and panting on her back, Bobby between her legs, plunging into her and driving them toward wild and crazy orgasms. Her skin prickled. Heat pulled through her. She wished more than anything that she never let him touch her the way he did. She was insane and desperate, and seriously doubtful she could survive the rest of the day without wanting his kiss.

When she remembered her phone had been off all the while, she rushed at the partition of her handbag and turned it on. She was afraid to call her mother.

The knock came in at her office door. “Yes?”

“Good morning Etta girl!” Nameh said. Etta rushed at the door and opened it. Nameh’s smile was beautiful, her red lip stick shined on her lips as she walked pass Etta, and noticed the shopping bags on the table. “ We have a case with senator Sani, a lady is suing him for assaulting her in a sex shop were she manages. There is a protest going on now at Abuja, on your television.” She said as she rushed at the TV remote on the table.

“Senator Sani Ishaka?”

“Yes?” Nameh answered as if she was asking a question.

“Oh. He is the youngest senator in Nigeria.” Etta sighed. “These people misuse power. Can you imagine that, assaulting a girl just because he is a senator? He won’t go scot free, I will make sure he gets detained for at least six months.” Etta said with anger in her tone as she widened her eyes at the Television.

“This is it. The videos are everywhere on social media.” Nameh said, pointing at the television.

“If my father were to be alive, he would have helped.”

“Don’t say that. It will make you emotional now. Sani will go down.” Nameh took her eyes back to the shopping bag. “You went shopping?” She asked, pointing at the bag.

“Oh yes.”


Etta sighed, “Nameh, please…”

“Your dress is so fine. Designers huh. Them never pay us salary o, where you carry money buy all these fine dresses?”

Etta ignored. She couldn’t say anything to Nameh. She was still looking at the TV, still shocked about the news of the senator’s assault to a lady in a sex toy shop.