Endless [Chapter 15]


He was looking down at her hand, resting now in his, and then he wished she had the ring in that beautiful finger of hers. He bent his head and kissed her palm. His mouth was hot. She gasped at the sensation. He looked up at her, his eyes searching her face, but whatever he saw there gave him reasons not to stop, it gave him reasons not to regret that he was cheating on Didi. It gave him reasons to love her even more deeply than she thought.

“I have never thought this would happen between you and I, the kiss, this romance, it’s dangerous.” She said, her voice oddly breathless, and not just from the tightness of her stays. “I used to dream of it, of being with you this way. Me naked, you naked. I don’t know.” She glanced at him, and found him watching her with flattering attention. “Don’t you feel odd doing this?” She asked.

“You want us to stop? Because I don’t feel odd doing this at all.” He said quietly.

“No, no, I don’t want it to stop. I feel odd in a nice way, a way that makes me think i have just discovered my lost rib.”

“I have been by your side all these while Etta, we used to kiss when we were teenagers. It wasn’t just a serious kiss.” Bobby said with a soft smile. Etta giggled.

“That was a fake kiss. You did it so that the girl who was crushing on you in JSS3 would stop bothering you. It wasn’t a genuine kiss.” Etta said.

“Yeah I know. But I liked it. I can’t forget the expression on your face that day. It was so awkward.”

“I was afraid I might get pregnant.”

Bobby fell back into a loud laugh.

“Yeah, my mom used to tell my sister and I that if we let anyone kiss us or touch our breasts, we would get pregnant.”

Bobby laughed so loud again.

“Yes, she said that. Only for me to grow up and realize that there are many processes to getting pregnant.”

Bobby moved to her again, “like this process now…” he kissed her lips. His thumb rubbed back and forth over her palm, then brushed the sensitive skin on the underside of her wrist. He lifted her hand to his mouth again and made a bracelet of little teasing kisses, until she shivered.

He moved in closer, his fingers brushing her cheek, her temple, then down to her lips again. His thump traced the shape of her mouth, and she closed her eyes. She breathed.

He sighed, and sat back, staring at her with dark eyes that were no longer haughty or smug. “Any man has done this to you before?”

“Don’t ask me that Bobby…just continue…” she said in soft whispers.

“ do you know that the more a woman is being kissed and caressed, the more she will want it?”

Etta glared at him.

“You want us to make love?” He asked. She nodded calmly. He raised his eyebrows at her and he pulled her close again and began to kiss her, fondling her breast with his hands since the romance began. Her hair smelt of lux soap, it was what she used in rinsing her body in the shower.

He took out the tiny pins from her hair and dropped them one by one on the floor. He carefully made his way to her, and they made love so passionately. Soft moans, caresses, kisses, eyeball to eyeball stares, sweaty skins touching each other and then orgasm.

Her body was his temple of worship. Where he adored and honored. She was his goddess and every kiss he had from her meant something; a vow, oath, and a fulfillment of friendship that might never end.

A text message entered Bobby’s phone and he didn’t read it. He shut down the phone and fell back on the bed.

“What’s the time?” Etta asked.

“I don’t know. Everywhere is dark, it should be past seven.”

“Are we leaving?”

“No. I don’t wanna go home today. I wanna spend it with you.” Bobby said, looking at her eyes.

“My mom is gonna kill me. I have never slept out before.”

“You will start now. You’re an adult now.”

“Not to my mom Bobby. It’s worst now that my dad is no more. I can’t leave her and Eka at home.”

“It’s love Etta. Love is sacrifice. You’re in it now. This is what you have always desired. You have to take a risk for us. Cook up something, tell her you’re sleeping over at Nameh’s place.” Bobby said.

“Okay…” She said reluctantly. “Let me send her a text now.” She hurried to her phone and typed, ‘MOM, SOMETHING CAME UP, I AM HANGING OUT AT NAMEH’S PLACE TONIGHT.’

“Let me see what you wanna send to her.” Bobby said. She handed the phone to him, he read the text message and giggled, “this isn’t cool. Put it down there that you and Nameh are going out very early tomorrow morning, so that she would know the reason why you’re staying at her place. Does she have Nameh’s number?” He asked.

“No. She doesn’t.”

“And does Eka have Nameh’s number?”


“Very good. Send the text and switch off your phone.”

Etta did exactly as he said and exhaled deeply.

“God! You’re such a bad guy!”

“I have always been a bad guy.” He gave her a smile and kissed her on the forehead.

“Someone wants to buy the house at the Atari estate. We will consult you over the weekend.” He paused and then added, “I am bringing business into pleasure.” He winked at her.

She smiled. She had just finished making love to her best friend and client, and it wasn’t disgusting. It’s something Nameh would have done and she would advice her against it. She lied to her mom for the first time, just for his sake, and her conscience didn’t hunt her.