Endless [Chapter 14]


He was still very close to her, his breath warm on her cheek. As if he couldn’t help himself, he pressed his lips to her skin, little kisses, capturing the corner of her mouth. With a groan she turned her face, and found his mouth again, opening her lips eagerly to him. This time the kiss was deeper and more passionate, their tongues mating in a way their bodies couldn’t.  She turned to him and her breasts pressed against his chest, the ache in them intensifying, as his arm wound about her waist and held her there.

As if he understood, he raised his hands and closed it over her, but she could barely feel it through her wet body. Frustrated she made a sound, half sob and half laugh, pushing against him. His fingers squeezed and she felt that, just a warm wave of pleasure engulfed her.

She wondered how it would be if his bare skin was against hers.

When they noticed that people were beginning to walk into the poolside axis, she whispered, “let’s go.” And got out of the pool.

He rushed into the dressing room and after he hurriedly wore his clothes, he took his car keys and rushed at her. She was standing by the pool when he remembered that her clothes were wet, she was shivering. He pulled out his shirt and gave to her. “Wear that.” She hurriedly put it around her.

“I have to pay for a room for us here. You have to get some new clothes, you can’t leave this way.” He said. She nodded without saying a word, water dripping from her wet hair.

Bobby rushed into the hotel reception and paid for a suite, he demanded for a towel which was given to him as soon as he made payment for the suite.

When Etta walked into the large beautiful suite, she rushed to the bathroom and rinsed her body under the shower. Bobby had gone to get some new clothes for her from a boutique. He came back and met her sleeping, her naked body covered with the duvet.

“Got you some clothes.” He said as he turned them from the shopping bag. Etta widened her eyes open and rushed at the clothes. “These are expensive, I hope they didn’t cheat you because you’re a man?”

Bobby laughed. “I used to shop for my mom. Have you forgotten? While in America I shopped all her clothes. I know quality women’s clothes.” He said.

Etta smiled and checked out the clothes one by one. She liked each and everyone of them, they were more than clothes she would wear in just one day.

Bobby leaned forward suddenly and drew down the blind over the window. It became dim and quiet and she could hear his breathing close by.

“Do you need anything?” He asked.

“Anything like what?” She asked.

“Like drink, food?”

She shook her head.

“Bobby?” She led her hands toward him. He captured them with his. Before she could protest he kissed her mouth, his lips caressing, gentle but firm. And he kept kissing her, his hands moving to her wrists and then the crook of her elbows. He carefully pulled out his clothes, his mouth still on hers, his tongue stroking hers with a wantonness that made her head spin. She felt as if she might swoon. She had heard of this moments, and even read them in romantic novels.

“All these while I had you and I was looking at someone else. I regret…” Bobby said.

“Shh… don’t say a thing please.” Etta said quietly.

His fingers were warm, intimate, and she let him entangle them with hers. The touch of his skin was so disturbing, so erotic that she couldn’t help herself.