Endless [Chapter 13]


Bobby and Etta spent time at the George Town hotel, eating Suya and drinking white wine and talking about the upcoming burial.

“The burial will be fun.” Etta said.

“Never heard of a fun burial before.” Bobby retorted.

“I feel so bad I said that.”

“Don’t. It’s okay.” Bobby said. “Let’s swim. It’s damn too hot here.” He added quickly as he pulled his shirt off and walked to the pool instructor. “Excuse me, we want to swim.” The pool instructor led him to the wash room.

“I thought you said you wanted to go back to go supervise the site today?” Etta asked.

“Yeah. But not anymore. I am not going anymore, will text my sites supervisor, so that he can help me.”

“You’re being too lazy these days.”

“No I am not. I am with you, you need me now. You’re special to me.” Bobby said as he pulled out his boxers. Etta averted her gaze when she saw that he was going to be naked right before her very eyes.

“Look at me.” Bobby said.

“No!” Etta said with a wide smile, her eyes away from him.

“Look at me!”

“No!” She laughed.

He wore his swimming shorts that looked like a rubber material, and shook his head. He abruptly rushed at her, she ran away to the pool side. He bent down, breathing heavily, his hands on his knee.

“I will catch you and I will devour you.” He said, panting.

“No you won’t! I am here, come catch me!” She said loudly. Then suddenly slipped and fell into the pool. Bobby jumped into the pool and swum fast to her. He grabbed her out of the pool.

“Leave me alone, you made me fall, now look at my clothes.” She said babyishly. Bobby laughed out so loud.

“You look like a drained Father Christmas.” He said laughingly. Etta chuckled. “Unbelievable, you’re now laughing at me, can you imagine.”

“So sorry about this though.” Bobby said, holding her to himself.  He carefully pushed him away and pulled out her clothes, wearing just her panty and brassiere.

Bobby couldn’t take his eyes away from her body.

He grabbed her without a sign and kissed her, and when he paused to look into her eyes, he dived into the kiss again.

Her body was throbbing. Her breasts felt tender and swollen, and the ache between her legs nearly drove her mad. She suddenly wanted him. He was right, they were in love with each other all these while and she didn’t know. She had taken his sweetness for granted all the while. She had always wanted to be with the man of her dreams, and the man of her dreams was Bobby.

When he finally stopped kissing her, her head fell against his shoulder and he left it there, stroking her hair from her flushed cheek, his chest rising and falling as violently as hers.

“This has always been my desire, to be this way with you.” He said huskily. “What you and I are feeling right now has always been my desire.”

Etta closed her eyes and thought that this moment was the best in her entire love life time.