Endless [Chapter 11]


Etta wasn’t working on this day.

She was dressed in the Florida version of country club casual: a golf shirt, neatly pressed khakis and boots. And her laptop bag containing her father’s pictures, biographies and tributes were in it.

She had cried the previous night writing the tribute to her father.

She was heading to see the printer who was going to make her father’s burial program.

As she stepped out of the house, she stumbled on Bobby at the entrance to her house. He was flashing her a brilliant smile that showcased perfect teeth, he stepped down from his car and walked toward her, hand outstretched. “Hi.” He said officially.

“Bobby.” She said calmly.

He stepped into her space, and without thinking she stepped backward, her foot hitting the floor. Sweat trickled between her breasts.

“My mom is home. She might be watching us through the window.” Etta said.

Bobby stopped. “Where are you heading. Don’t drive, I will use my car.”

“To meet the printer for Daddy’s burial.”

“Has the date been fixed yet?” He asked.

“Yes. 12th of June.”

“You look stressed. I should drive you around today. Get into the car. Let’s buy lunch first.”

“Not hungry. Let’s just head to the printer’s place.” Etta said as she jumped into Bobby’s car.

“You look like a sports celebrity.” Bobby said and chuckled.

“Oh well…” She retorted and gave a soft smile. “You’re mocking me. But it’s fine. I will just take that as a rude compliment. “

Bobby started the car. “No. I am damn serious. You look different and unusual. You know other days you just wear your suits, white shirts and blank skirts or black gowns to the court. Today is different and quite impressive.”

With a slight shake of head, she reached for a chewing gum in her handbag before she could decide how to respond to Bobby.

They had a stressful day at the printers office.

From presenting the Biography, and finding perfect pictures to fit as portrait for the cover page of the program, to fixing the right family pictures in the program.

“My dad wasn’t just a picture person. Now see how I am suffering to find a simple portrait for his program.” Etta said.

“We will find one.” Bobby retorted. He searched through the piles of pictures and got the one Etta’s father was wearing his full Judge attire. “This is perfect. It shows his personality. Your dad used to be a strong, brilliant lawyer. This shows it!” He beats the picture on the table.

Etta nodded, her expression suddenly hard to read. “Yeah, it’s cool. I love it.” She said.

“Is this all you’re doing today?” Bobby asked.

“Yeah. And tomorrow I will be taking the coffin maker to go measure dad’s body at the mortuary. I have nothing else to do. My sister handles the arrangements of the lying in state decor and the the burial uniform. While my uncles and aunties are handling the food, drinks and the rest.”

“That’s very helpful.”

“Yeah it is. So, no much stress.” She yawned.

“Can we go eat lunch now?”  Bobby asked.

“Yes please, I am famished.”


As they walked into the restaurant, Etta’s phone rang. She checked it and was shocked, “Didi is calling me, that’s what my Truecaller says.”

“Which Didi?”

“I only know your Didi.”

“Pick the call let’s hear her.”

Etta inhaled and exhaled before she placed the phone to her ears.