Endless [Chapter 10]


Nameh tiptoed from her office to Etta’s office. She was afraid. She was drunk the previous night and had said what she wasn’t supposed to say at all.

“Are you okay over there?” Nameh asked as she opened the office door slightly and peeped through the small open space.

Etta got up immediately from her seat and said, “get out of here! Just get out!”

Nameh put up a child’s face pleadingly, “I am so sorry.” She said in a toddler’s voice. “I was drunk. So drunk. I am such a fool.”

Etta sighed and sat back on her chair. “It’s okay please.” She said. She didn’t quite smile.

“Thank you for forgiving me Etta. I drank too much of that drink Bobby got for us.”

“Let’s not talk about it anymore please Nameh.”

“Okay. I am off to court now. We will hang out for lunch right?” Nameh asked. Etta nodded calmly, “it’s okay.”

Nameh blew a kiss at her and walked away.


For a moment, Bobby felt so attached to Etta, that even the presence of Didi in his life meant nothing to him anymore. It was just a kiss, nothing else. Yet, everything turned around to be passionate and emotional between the both of them.

It was as if the moment he kissed Etta, the love he had for Didi began to vanish slowly.

He was making lunch at home when he heard the door click open. Then sounds of rolling boxes from the sitting room.

“Is anyone home? Hello?” It was Didi’s Shrilly voice. Bobby wondered what she was doing in his house at that time of the day. She was suppose to be at work.

He walked slowly to the sitting room, and when he saw her, he was surprised that indeed she was the one.

“Didi? What are you doing here?” He asked, wiping his hands with the kitchen towel.

“I have come so that you and I can join heads together and plan a perfect wedding.” She said and then fell back on the couch, Bobby gasped at her surprisingly. “My mom says we should have it in Dubai or maybe South Africa. What do you think?”

“Listen Didi. I am not just in for this now. I have so much to do at my company.”

“But you’re home, it’s the best time to talk.”

“It’s not just right. I mean you right here in my house with your luggage, it’s not right. My mom won’t be in support of this, your mom too.”

Didi laughed. “ My mom initiated this idea baby. Our parents wants us to be married as soon as possible.”

Bobby inhaled. She stood to her feet and hurriedly took her boxes to Bobby’s bedroom.

They lived together now. And even though Bobby was uncomfortable with it, he needed time to explain to her that it wasn’t just right and that he didn’t need her in his house.

Within two weeks of staying in his house, She changed the parlor couches with grey and black color design. And repainted the walls of the sitting room. She changed the dinning and center table flowers to something extraordinarily beautiful.

Bobby didn’t like the new look of his house.

“This isn’t right. You shouldn’t have done this. I hate these colors. I detest grey. They are dull for god sake!” He screamed as soon as he got into his house and noticed that everything had been changed.

“No baby. Don’t say that. This color is the best for a home like ours. It’s a deluxe paint. I got it at nineteen thousand per bucket.”

“I don’t give a fuck about how much this cost! Take it off my wall!” Bobby said angrily. He threw his energy into screaming and talking about the changes in his apartment.