Christmas In Atlanta [Chapter 9]


The butterfly unfolded from the knot in her stomach after she finally ate the delicious chicken curry sauce and rice. Femi watched her until she finished the last grain of rice in the plate.

He behaved like he had just seen her for the first time in his life.

“You like the food?” he asked.

“Yeah, really nice,” she said. A dull flash appeared on her cheeks. She nodded and stood to her feet.

“We are going to have strippers here tonight. Ever been to a strippers’ club?” he asked.

“Yeah. But I never enjoy it,” she replied as she gulped down water.

“You will enjoy this one. My friend brought them in from Nairobi.”

“Cool. I would love to sit and watch for a while, then I will have to go.”

“Go by what time? Is it safe for you to go now? My friend paid for over twenty rooms here for all of us. So you can get a room, rest, tomorrow you can go back to your house.”

“Okay,” she shrugged.

The strippers walked in one after the other, beautiful tall girls on high heel shoes. Music came and everyone danced. More drinks were handed to Idara and she sipped until she didn’t get to know what was happening anymore.

The rush of pleasure she felt at Femi’s voice calmed her. It was 3a.m and she didn’t know what was going on anymore.

“Hey, you’re drunk, let me put you to sleep,” he said as he carried her in his arms, and walked to his own suite. He placed her carefully on the bed. Then she grabbed him and started kissing her passionately. He kissed her from her lips to her neck and then shifted his shirt and kissed her on the navel.

Part of her believed everything he said to her, the endearments.

Femi nibbled on her skin. She sighed. His touch was sending feelings skittering through her and making her nipples hard.

She was half naked, and he’d seen the color of her panties and her brassiere. After long kisses and touches, they slept off in each other’s arms, weak and tired.

The next morning, she woke up to realize that she was almost naked. She was so weak she couldn’t lift her hands. And she was already wondering where she was until she heard the sound of the TV from the sitting room of the luxury suite.

She immediately buttoned her shirt and tried to sit up. Her back ached so bad she couldn’t move. She put her hands into her private part and realized that she wasn’t touched.

“Hey, good day to you,” Femi walked in, wrapped in a white robe.

“Day? Mr. Femi, I am really sorry…I didn’t even know…”

“It’s fine. Relax, you had a lot of drink last night. I ordered tea for you, it will help relieve you of all that stress,” he said as he settled on the bed, trying to hold her hands. She took her hands away immediately, afraid and knowing it wasn’t right. He was her boss, and whatever happened between them the previous night happened because she wasn’t in her right senses.

Warm lips brushed her cheeks, and she wondered if for real, this was happening to her.

“What’s going on between us?” she asked, yawning and blinking her eyes rapidly.

“You should be aware by now, that I like you a lot.”

“You’re my boss,” she said calmly.

“And so?”

She was mute for a moment as she studied his gaze. She sat up in bed, gazing down at him.

“I can’t believe you just kissed my cheeks. This isn’t right.”

“What’s not right?”

“This,” she said, pointing at her body. “You and I being intimate isn’t right,” she explained painfully. He pushed her to the bed and forcefully kissed her. She struggled, trying to push him away, but he grabbed her two hands, kissing her lips so succulently until she was weak. A low groan escaped him when he unbuttoned her shirt, his hands began to rub up and down over her body.

She was lost in the overwhelming passionate touch he rendered to her skin. She couldn’t resist him, she couldn’t stop him. He was too strong, and she couldn’t tell him to stop anymore because this was more fun than she ever thought it would be. He removed his robe, naked now. And she couldn’t confidently stare at his body.

She shifted her thighs, moving between his legs.

“Look at me,” he said to her, looking directly into her beautiful eyes. “I really want you to know that this moment is special to me, what we are about to do is special to me,” he told her and lifted her arm over her head. Her shirt was open, revealing her belly, and he leaned down to kiss the exposed flesh. “You don’t know how much I wished for this moment. I thought about you all through my meetings.”

“Hmm.” Her voice was shaky, just a little tremulous with desire.

“In my daydreams you were naked,” he said.

Idara laughed. “In my daydreams, you were my boss.”

He grinned at her, then kissed her belly again. He cupped one of her breasts, skimming his thumb over her nipple. “That’s so arousing!” she yelled passionately. She cried when he leaned in to suck on her exposed nipple. His mouth moved against the tender flesh, his tongue circling the areola in a teasing gesture that made her want to writhe on the bed. His teeth grazed the top in a light scraping motion that was quickly soothed away with his mouth once more. He carefully pulled off his pants.

Her hands went to his hair, and she clung to him as he lavished his attention on her eyes. His hands were roaming over her body, smoothing over her skin as he eased himself fully inside of her, madly moaning loudly. She couldn’t believe that he was riding her, her boss Femi Omari. And for the first time in her life she had a real orgasm. She screamed down the roof, her legs shaking. He held her firmly as she shook rapidly. When she had come to her senses, she realized that she had messed up. She couldn’t even walk to the bathroom to clean up. Her legs hurt, and she didn’t know how to look back into his eyes.

“There is a boutique downstairs. I can go get some wears for you,” he said calmly as he rose from the bed, naked and unashamed.

“I don’t want,” she said. She walked to the bathroom and sunk herself into the jacuzzi. He joined her in there, his eyes pinned on her sad face.

“This will never repeat itself right?” she asked.

“I am sorry,” he said to her. A knot formed in her throat. She agreed, wiggling when he continued to kiss her wet leg. She was uncomfortable that she was now in the clique of girls Femi had slept with.

The doorbell rang, and he said in a husky tone, “The tea I ordered is here.”