Christmas In Atlanta [Chapter 11]


Idara walked into the office that morning with a stony face. Her heart was still bitter from what had transpired between her and her boss, Femi.

When he arrived the office, she carefully placed a bottle of one of the perfumes Fayose had ordered from Paris before him. He pushed it away and turned to his laptop.

“I am resigning,” she said in a shaky tone. A few silent moments passed before his eyes flickered in her direction briefly, doing a double take.

“Are you sure you want to quit?” he asked, raising an eyebrow as his gaze slowly scanned around her. Then he took back his face to his laptop, staring intently at it.

Slowly, he got to his feet and walked over to her. He bent over the table and watched in astonished admiration as her face  reminded him of the last time at George’s.

He gave his hand to her, and she placed the resignation in his palms. He didn’t open it, he only tore them into pieces and disposed the papers in the bin.

She gasped at him with a shocking stare. “I tarried all night to write that letter.”

“You tarried all night, hurting yourself for something that is so unnecessary. Whatever you heard about the lady of yesterday and I isn’t true. She isn’t my girlfriend. I have never had anything to do with her. I don’t have any girlfriend. So any woman who walks up to you and tells you that we have ever had an intimate relationship is lying. I haven’t had a passionate intimate relationship with any woman for three years now.”

“I carried her from Tiana’s place to Eko that day…”

“And so freaking what? Okay, I thought I was going to like her, but she turned out not to be my kind of girl. I gave her what she wanted and she left.”

“What did she want?”

“Money to pay her fees, I gave it to her.”

Idara was mute as she gave him a pitiful stare.

He kissed her gently, the feeling of his mouth on hers was driving her wild with need. Her breath was coming in small pants, excitement and arousal pulsing through her body. When his knee pushed her legs apart, she hugged him tightly to her body, a small whimper escaping her.

“I want you, Idara,” he whispered. “I need to feel your skin against mine.”

His hands went under her skirt and were working down her thighs. He groaned seeing she had no lingerie on, just panties.

He knelt before her and began to kiss her inner thigh.

A knot formed in her throat. She held his neck and relaxed on the table. She slid her bra and shirt off while he trailed a kiss over her belly.

“You’re so sexy,” he said.

Her breath caught in her throat, and she watched, entranced as his tongue crept out and slicked through the folds of her vagina, his gaze on her. Desire rocked through her, and she shuddered.

“I want you so bad. You’re so jealous, I like it,” he moaned against her ears. When she continued to ignore his words, leisurely he pulled off her panties and licked her in a measured, leisurely fashion that drove her to a mad sigh of need. She whimpered, her hips buckling as his tongue circled her clitoris over and over again. He continued the slow deliberate motions, not speeding up or slowing down despite that she wanted it faster. And the unhurried torment brought her to a screaming release when he casually thrust two fingers deep inside her and began to work her.

When she recovered from the sudden orgasm, he stood to his feet and kissed her. There were footsteps walking towards the office, so he quickly held her to himself and dragged her to the door. He silently locked it, laughing and panting.

“A quickie it was, a pleasurable quickie. I love the way you moan so softly,” he said. She smiled at him.

He studied her, a smile on his lips.

“Will you come with me to Atlanta this Christmas?” he asked.

“Atlanta…” she muttered, running her hands over his chest.

“Yeah,” he replied, still panting.

“Why? What’s happening there?”

They both settled on the floor. A soft Knock landed on the door and he asked; “Who?”

“Mr. Femi, please I want to find out if your assistant is with you, I have a presentation to give to her,” Fayose said.

“She will come to you soon,” he retorted.

“Okay,” Fayose said and walked away. They were mute for a moment, waiting for his footsteps to die down.

He rolled over on his back, grinning at her. He had formed a hard tent in between his boxers.

Idara exhaled calmly, smiling. He looked so delicious that she immediately rolled on top of him, straddling him there. She grinned down at him playfully.

“So, the silence concerning the Atlanta trip is a yes right?” he asked.

She nodded at him excitedly.

“Why Atlanta this Christmas?” she asked.

“There is this girl my mom wants me to settle down with. And frankly, I am not ready for her. I don’t love her enough. And I want you to come pretend as if you are my fiancé and we are engaged so that mom can give up on Zoe and I ever settling.” 

“You’re a bad guy,” she teased, giving a sigh of pleasure at the sight of his chest hair. He sat up then and leaned in to kiss her as she straddled him.

“You make me feel so special,” he whispered to her and made love to her right there and then.