Christmas In Atlanta [Chapter 10]


When Idara went back home and thought about everything that had happened between her and Femi, she wondered how working with him again would feel like. The chemistry between them was intense.

On Monday, she waited at the entrance of the office as usual, and when he arrived, she greeted him with a panting heart. She collected the car keys from him and walked hastily back to the office.

“Tell Fayose to call me Mr. Stanislaus. He has to give me reasons he left the office without my consent,” he said calmly. Femi did not look at her face.

When Mr. Fayose appeared with Mr. Stanislaus, Idara walked away. Femi gave Mr. Stanislaus a query and when the two men left his office, Idara went in to give him the day’s work schedule.

“Good morning again, Mr. Femi. Shell wants to partner with us in the new contract with Chevron for February next year. One of their managers wants to meet you. I don’t know what date to fix…”

“Hold on,” Femi said as he finally lifted his face from the laptop and stared at her.

“Come again,” he said.

Idara swallowed and repeated her words.

“We can’t collaborate with any company. We have every equipment to work alone. If we accept to work with Shell, another company will come for collaboration, and all these for how much?” he asked as he took his face back to his laptop, running his hands through the screen.

It was all work and no play. He hadn’t forgotten that she was precious to him at all. However, Femi Omari was a strict man and work was the most important thing in his life before anything else.

His telephone rang. The call was from one of the security men at the gate. Femi wondered if there was a problem.

“Hello, Mr. Femi? One Miss Chantal is here to see you.”

“Who the heck is Chantal? I am not expecting any guests today,” he said and then paused for a while. “Let me speak to the lady,” he added.

“Hello Mr. Femi, this is Chantal; Tanna’s friend,” the shrill female voice came through the phone.

“I don’t know you. I can’t recall your name but since you’re from Tanna, you can come in. Give the phone to the security man,” he said.

“Yes sir?” a masculine voice came through.

“Let her in,” he said.

He was still thinking of who Chantal was when a knock sounded on the door.

“One Miss Chantal is here to see you, Mr. Femi.” Idara’s calm voice came in.

“Let her in,” he said, without looking at her face.

The beautiful and slender lady walked in flamboyantly. Idara faintly remembered who she was.

“Oh Femi,” she said smiling as she stood in the middle of his office. He lifted his face with seriousness which was amazing to her.

“I can’t remember your face. Who are you?” he asked meanly.

“I am the lady Tanna…”

“I know Tanna. She has introduced me to so many girls. I can’t really get the face right now. What do you want?” he asked, taking his eyes back to the laptop.

“You,” she mumbled, walking toward his table.

“Listen please, I don’t entertain pleasurable acts in my office. This is work-time, young woman.”

“I know, dear,” she grinned sheepishly. “I just want to thank you again for the 500,000 Naira you gave me the other day. I was able to pay my fees and even rent an apartment…”

“Em, Miss…What’s your name again?”


“Chantal, please I don’t like women in my office during work hours like this. You can talk to Tanna about whatever you want. I will send it through her.”

“I want to have your phone number. Tanna has refused to give me.”

“I won’t give you too because I have no business with you,” he said rudely.

She laughed and walked over to his seat.

“What are you doing? Please leave before I call the security men for you right away.”

“I am not doing anything, I just want 3 things from you: A kiss, your phone number, and a selfie.”

“Are you insane? Get the fuck out of my office!” he yelled. The young lady was obstinate. She held his face forcefully and tried to kiss him. Femi pushed her off and called security men to take her away.

She blew kisses at him as 2 security men calmly walked her out of the office, down to the gate.


That evening, Femi noticed that Idara’s countenance had changed.

She packed all the files on the table and carefully placed them in the cabinet. Her eyes were teary and sad as she said hastily to him, “I am done for the day, Mr. Femi.”

“You’re not done,” he retorted and lifted his eyes to hers. “Are you okay?” he asked as he stood and walked over to her, trying to hold her hands.

“I am fine, Mr. Femi,” she said and calmly took her hands off his.

“If you don’t tell me what the problem is, you’re not leaving,” he said and went back to his seat. He turned to face his laptop and started fiddling with it. Idara couldn’t hold back anymore.

“I have never felt so used in my entire life. My heart aches so bad and I can’t condone it,” she cried out.

He lifted his face; amazed by her crying. He continued to stare at her with genuine worry.

“I didn’t expect us to have anything serious. But I deserve to be respected because you have once kissed my lips and lied to me. “

“Are all these emotional poems about the lady that just came in?” He retorted.

“You slept with her.”

“When? Is that what she told you? That I slept with her? I thought you were bigger than this, Idara. I never knew you are childish.”

“She is your girlfriend…”

“Just get the fuck out of my office! Get out!” he yelled at her. Tears clouded her eyes as she walked out, looking frustrated. She ran into her car and stayed there. She continued to cry for a long time before she was finally calm enough to drive home.

That night, Femi called her several times. At every ring, she stared at the phone but didn’t touch it. He sent her text messages saying, “I am sorry for yelling at you. I didn’t like the way you threw those accusations at me. I have never dated that girl. I only helped her once to pay her fees and that was it. Please pick my call and tell me you’re fine. Or should I come over?”

As Idara read the message over again, she thought of how Femi was a big liar and player. That night, she sat down and wrote her resignation letter. The letter was over a thousand words long yet, it didn’t contain a good reason why Idara was leaving. She didn’t know how she was going to cope with her job and her feelings for Femi Omari.