Give Me The Presence of Simplicity

What I need is someone that wants to make memories with me.


I have seen death wrap  tragedy in a neat bow of sleep, while loved ones' chests heave in...

What Shall We Give, Mother?

"What Shall We Give, Mother?" I’d heard your voice, breaking through several realms, calling me forth to you,

To Nwanne On Mother’s Day

When I look at you, I always ask myself if it is only giving birth to a child that confers motherhood on a woman. Your life has always proved this eternal truth that full motherhood derives from both nature (giving birth) and nurture.

Sex And Sunrises

Maybe the best parts of life simply happen between sex and sunrises. I’m not talking about cheap one night stands that reek of sugary Bacardi while men try to find a woman’s worth within the depth of her cleavage or the ripeness of her thighs.

Let’s Unravel Our Knots Together

Life is better when it works out how it is meant to rather than how we think it should so I can’t say that I know what is meant for us in this life but I do

I Won’t Marry You Because I Love You

So, no, I'm not marrying for love, but rather for all that we could do together.

It Wasn’t Much-But It Was Everything To Her

She had to be her own anchor and maybe she was just tired of holding herself and everyone else around her down.

I Don’t Need You To Complete Me

So, please don’t complete me, instead ravage me, challenge me, or just simply Love me because the truth is that is the only thing I ever truly needed.

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“Love was always closer than they thought, even though they searched for it across several oceans. Until a tragedy set in motion a process...

Home Is A Feeling

Perhaps the most magical thing occurs when two people choose to let one another in, and within each other they find a home they have never before known.

A Love That Makes Everything Else More

She needs a someone who gives her what she can’t buy or provide for herself
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