The Satantress [Chapter 35]

It was February 16th, the bachelor’s party of Udom. It was a big party. The most influential army men in Nigeria were all present...

The Satantress [Chapter 34]

When Taiwo managed to get to the frontage of Udom’s family house, Kokomma ordered him to take her to see her father. When Udom...

The Satantress [Chapter 33]

“Two irresponsible men just came from nowhere to bother my life, and that of my children.” Aduni said as she saw Kokomma sitting on the couch. Kokomma...

The Satantress [Chapter 32]

“Go and kneel before your father inlaw. He went through a lot to keep his daughter alive.” Mma said as she lifted Udom firmly from the ground.

The Satantress [Chapter 31]

“General Jamal’s daughter’s wedding didn’t hold because the groom didn’t come as planned. The president and the entire family are disappointed and wish to hear from the...

The Satantress [Chapter 30]

In kajuru. Army men everywhere with guns.  Bright lips. Eyes heavily outlined in black mascara. Eerie. Drums and music playing. Women covered with hijab...

The Satantress [Chapter 29]

After dinner that night, Kokomma had her bath and let Akaniyene sleep off in her arms. Then she slept too till about 11am the next morning.

The Satantress [Chapter 28]

When at last Rotimi drove into Bode Thomas street, Kokomma knew they were almost home. Rotimi couldn’t take his worried eyes off her grimy...

The Satantress [Chapter 27]

Mma was still clinging to her rosary when Kokomma’s hands shook. “Doctor, nurse!” She screamed. The male doctor on duty ran in, “Mama what...

The Satantress [Chapter 26]

The ambulance blew its way to the hospital at Anua. It was only Taiwo and the other officers who accompanied Kokomma to the hospital. She had stopped...

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Ambition, Pain And Love (2)

Her beauty is magnetic. Natural and special. Ebony black skin that is unmistakably glossy, in perpetual glitz, and gleaming ad infinitum. The smoothness of her skin is decipherable from close distance.

Ambition, Pain And Love (1)

His heart missed a couple of beats. The heart resumption of the beat was with an increased velocity, racy and fiery. His heart pounded so hard that he felt he was under assault from a pestle wielding assailant.

Love, Beauty And Character

That searing love, was so powerful that it was impossible for Akin to pay attention to the shortcomings in Bussy's character during their dating. Where some flaws were sélf-evident,
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