Ghost Husband [Chapter 18]

Maybe the storytellers were wrong. If Abaside wasn’t a ghost, then ghosts don’t exist, Edu thought as she hugged him tightly. A drop of tear fell from his eyes...

Ghost Husband [Chapter 17]

Edu looked stylish as she walked into the meeting room. The statesmen stood until she got to her seat and settled in it. After the...

Ghost Husband [Chapter 16]

“Doctor Obot said you’re pregnant Edu-Uwem,” her father said with emotions in his tone. “I am surprised that a ghost would get a human being pregnant,” he chuckled.

Ghost Husband [Chapter 15]

The morning was quiet and deadly at the Government House. Abaside watched everyone run away helter skelter. The whole Government House was calm and quiet, only the screechy sounds...

Ghost Husband [Chapter 14]

Edu wiped furiously at her eyes when she stopped the car. She was at her parent in-law’s house in Ikpa. Slowly, she headed for a...

Ghost Husband [Chapter 13]

Edu stood calmly on the balcony, waiting for the convoy to be ready. The Minister of Information was visiting Itai state for the first time. The president had sent...

Ghost Husband [Chapter 12]

Edu stood for minutes, staring at the picture of Abaside in their bedroom. She’d overheard Mercy telling one of the police men; “We saw a man that looked exactly like...

Ghost Husband [Chapter 11]

After the elections, the result was announced the following day on different TV channels in Itai state and Nigeria. Abaside was announced the winner. He...

Ghost Husband [Chapter 10]

Esikot, Abaside’s campaign manager had just left the breakfast table to prepare the convoy for the last campaign at Ikot Ekpene. “What a sumptuous meal...

Ghost Husband [Chapter 9]

Abaside was smiling very brightly after his wedding. Edu was excited too. It was a grand society wedding. At that moment, they had both forgotten about the...

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