Christmas In Atlanta [Chapter 9]

She was lost in the overwhelming passionate touch he rendered to her skin. She couldn’t resist him, she couldn’t stop him.

Christmas In Atlanta [Chapter 8]

“You don’t need to fumble at this party because of that babe. You and I know you don’t date your staff. The girls are downstairs.”

Christmas In Atlanta [Chapter 7]

She was the infinite, the ultimate, and tonight, every man on the VIP lounge who watched her longed to touch her just for a moment.

Christmas In Atlanta [Chapter 6]

“Femi na wa for you o. Today is your birthday and you didn’t celebrate even with a small party. Why are you like this, kilode?”

Christmas In Atlanta [Chapter 5]

Femi was on a long call with his mother when Idara walked in with a bowl of basmati fried rice and salad from Monalisa’s place. She carefully...

Christmas In Atlanta [Chapter 4]

The routine continued every day. Working with Femi Omari was hectic. Most times, she stayed with him until 10 p.m when everyone would have gone. 

Christmas In Atlanta [Chapter 3]

Idara looked at Femi Omari as she followed Fayose. Everything about Femi was hard, mean and serious. His body looked like that of an athlete. He was...

Christmas In Atlanta [Chapter 2]

“I can’t believe you got the job", Tara exclaimed. "What questions did he ask?” Toke inquired as they both had their baths. “I am...

Christmas In Atlanta [Chapter 1]

 For others, this was like every other morning. For Idara, however, this morning was different. It was her 5th day of going to TED Oil and Gas,...

Christmas In Atlanta

In search of a means to take care of her mother and sister, a young lady lands a job as the Personal Assistant of the CEO of...

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Ambition, Pain And Love (2)

Her beauty is magnetic. Natural and special. Ebony black skin that is unmistakably glossy, in perpetual glitz, and gleaming ad infinitum. The smoothness of her skin is decipherable from close distance.

Ambition, Pain And Love (1)

His heart missed a couple of beats. The heart resumption of the beat was with an increased velocity, racy and fiery. His heart pounded so hard that he felt he was under assault from a pestle wielding assailant.

Love, Beauty And Character

That searing love, was so powerful that it was impossible for Akin to pay attention to the shortcomings in Bussy's character during their dating. Where some flaws were sélf-evident,
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