The Sunday Gentleman [Chapter 18]

“Oga faint for road, he just touched his chest and said ‘my chest, my chest.’ Before we knew it, he slumped.” Me Ajayi said in a shaky tone.

The Sunday Gentleman [Chapter 17]

“I will sleep with whoever I want and wish to sleep with. I will do whatever I want with my body, it’s my body!” She exclaimed. The harsh comment threw Chidimma off guard, and at that moment, she had no idea what to say. She handed Daniela to Ubokobong and smiled softly.

The Sunday Gentleman [Chapter 16]

“You can make me cum inside of you before we get home right?” He asked, cajoling. She nodded at him. She began to kiss him, his eyes were alive with excitement. “Take me and eat baby, I am your dinner tonight.”

The Sunday Gentleman [Chapter 15]

“A whole year has passed and you haven’t given me the money you promised,” Chidimma said to Arinze as she packed his clothes into a brown suitcase on the bed.

The Sunday Gentleman [Chapter 14]

“Why can’t you talk since I mentioned that you are dating Olufemi, if it’s because of him that you are leaving Phoenix, you better not.”

The Sunday Gentleman [Chapter 13]

“God will punish you. God will punish you. I will make sure I deal with you!” She pushed him aside and walked to the children’s bedroom, packing their luggage.

The Sunday Gentleman [Chapter 12]

Her heart slammed against her chest and the butterflies escape from her stomach into her constricting throat. He ordered champagne and filled her cup with it. She gulped down all of it. Chastened, she stared up at him.

The Sunday Gentleman [Chapter 11]

“Ah! See you, Chidimma. White men love the way your husband is loving you now. If you were married to a typical Igbo man, you see all those tears you are shedding? They will leave you and marry another woman. A white man is romantic and loves deeply.”

The Sunday Gentleman [Chapter 10]

“I didn’t pick my wife from the gutters! She had a good job. She was working in the bank. She was a boss. Earning well when I met her at Ecobank eight years ago.” Arinze said...

The Sunday Gentleman [Chapter 9]

“My Neighbour! A small dirty girl. He compared me to that girl. It hurts so bad. All that I have done for that bastard, he did this to me. I will show him how to cheat. I will show him shegeh.

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The Sunday Gentleman

A tale of 2 generations bound by love, betrayal, hope and endurance. When Chidinma is forced to undertake the journey of motherhood without her loving husband, she must defy all odds to grant her son the good life...

Ambition, Pain And Love (2)

Her beauty is magnetic. Natural and special. Ebony black skin that is unmistakably glossy, in perpetual glitz, and gleaming ad infinitum. The smoothness of her skin is decipherable from close distance.

Ambition, Pain And Love (1)

His heart missed a couple of beats. The heart resumption of the beat was with an increased velocity, racy and fiery. His heart pounded so hard that he felt he was under assault from a pestle wielding assailant.
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