Give Me The Presence of Simplicity

What I need is someone that wants to make memories with me.

Ghost Husband

A young governorship aspirant would prefer a contract marriage to a real one with the woman who ticks all the boxes of what he desires in a woman. When the financial need of her father trumps her own dignity, Edu had to accept. Unknown to both of them, a massive twist was waiting for them.


I have seen death wrap  tragedy in a neat bow of sleep, while loved ones' chests heave in...

What Shall We Give, Mother?

"What Shall We Give, Mother?" I’d heard your voice, breaking through several realms, calling me forth to you,

To Nwanne On Mother’s Day

When I look at you, I always ask myself if it is only giving birth to a child that confers motherhood on a woman. Your life has always proved this eternal truth that full motherhood derives from both nature (giving birth) and nurture.

Sex And Sunrises

Maybe the best parts of life simply happen between sex and sunrises. I’m not talking about cheap one night stands that reek of sugary Bacardi while men try to find a woman’s worth within the depth of her cleavage or the ripeness of her thighs.

Behind A Thousand Smiles Vol. 2

“How does one correct the tragic mistake of the past, and find complete fulfillment in the future? This is a riveting story of tragedy, love, betrayal, and how one can get to the precipice of losing it all, by tempting oneself.”

The Love Beyond Me

Fate, that ubiquitous hand plays a huge role in determining the affairs of men. This is a story that exploits the weaknesses of men; their various differences, and anchors on the belief that ultimately, almost everyone can find the perfect fit. Almost.

Friday Before Valentine

Ikakke visits her best friend in America, searching for a husband in order to please her desperate mother and aunty back home in Nigeria. There, she meets...


Jason Fox falls in love with the lowest of his workers against all expectations. He made her his coffee server, before he made her the woman...

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A Love That Makes Everything Else More

She needs a someone who gives her what she can’t buy or provide for herself


The story of how they came to marry was a bizarre one. Adankwo, avoided by many of the young men, had fallen for the soft spoken Mpama, after he had met her at Okpolo Ukwu, we

Give Me The Presence of Simplicity

What I need is someone that wants to make memories with me.
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