Letters to Yahweh [Chapter 20]

My five days letters challenge were almost like God wasn't seeing them, until something happened.  Lolita miscarried her pregnancy that morning. It was as if the pains...

Letters to Yahweh [Chapter 19]

"My husband is hosting a five-day program Nene, if you can't come to Lagos, you can attend from there. It will be showing on TBN. It's themed 'Letters to...

Letters to Yahweh [Chapter 18]

Henry came back that evening, and I was surprised to see him. He'd not called me to pick him up at the waterside as usual. He kissed me gently...

Letters to Yahweh [Chapter 17]

As we carried Papa's body back home, thoughts of him couldn't get off my mind. I wept so hard, knowing that he would not have died if only I...

Letters to Yahweh [Chapter 16]

It makes you think of killing yourself. It makes you suicidal, angry, bitter and frustrated. A marriage like mine.  My home was not a place that made me...

Letters to Yahweh [Chapter 15]

I swear to God, if not that you're carrying my son, I would have beaten you today. Call your father and tell him that I am sending you back

Letters to Yahweh [Chapter 14]

There wasn't so much she could say to me. Chidera sat up on the bed and switched on the light. She held my shoulders;

Letters to Yahweh [Chapter 13]

Your vagina is watery." The words spewed out from his mouth as I sat on the water cistern, to clean myself. He was lying inside the bathtub, naked.

Letters to Yahweh [Chapter 12]

Chidera and I cleaned the house, and washed all the dishes that was used in serving our guests the previous day.  I breastfed Enoima for over an hour and...

Letters to Yahweh [Chapter 11]

Chidera went to the hospital the next day. She had her foetus removed at the hospital. When she came back, I'd locked her outside my gate. 

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