Caffeine [Chapter 8]


Debbie was bold. She didn’t care who was around when she wanted you to notice her mini skirt. I wasn’t the only one who despised her. Shola did. Diana, Chioma and even the cleaner did. They despised the way she gummed herself to you and followed you everywhere. You didn’t show any lack of interest. You smiled at her, and even laughed out so loud when she whispered something to your ears alone. 

‘Busy body,’ I could hear as Chioma whispered when Debbie came into the meeting room. 

She knew everyone despised her, so, she didn’t bring herself to anyone else except the influencers who came for photoshoots. She was stylish, and I thought that’s why you liked her so much.

I had just started earning good money from the company, and affording the kinds of expensive hairs she used was impossible. I wasn’t going to cover my natural hair that I’d toiled and grown for five years with white people’s hair. My hair was my identity and I was never going to be like Debbie to please your heart. 

When you finally walked into the meeting room, everyone stood on their feet. You stared at me for a few seconds and we broke eye contact as you moved to stand by the window. We had a meeting for a few hours before Laura Brynn, the white woman who owns House of Kads walked into our midst, scenting of Queen of the Night Flower. 

She liked me, and the contract of working with her was signed. 

‘Meet me at my office,’ you said as soon as you saw her off. 

I walked behind you hastily like someone who was in trouble and was seeking help. 

I was getting confused if you wanted coffee or you’d really ordered me to follow you. 

‘What sort of nonsense outfit is this? Do you realize that you’re no more just a coffee maker, but a model who has influential clients to meet on a daily basis? You came to work with a dress like this> Did you not see yourself in a mirror before you left your house?’ you asked. There was anger in your tone, and I’d never seen you that way before. 

I looked down on my pink pencil skirt and the green and purple polka dotted blouse I wore They were no match. I was in a hurry and didn’t care if I was right in my dressing or not. 

‘Debbie complains that you dress so wrongly, and I didn’t just get it until today. You look like a bunch of horrible colors!’ 

I knew without saying any further word that you were manipulated by Debbie. She knew you liked me, but tried to stop you. 

I wanted to just walk out on you, vanish and never see your cute face again. 

‘Get out! Go get me coffee,’ you said.

As I walked out from your office to the kitchen, I could hear my heart ache. Tears were running down my cheeks as I entered the kitchen and slammed the door. 

I was just a common coffee server, not a university graduate who could at least get inspired by what other students wear to school. I was dumb, unfashionable and ugly. I was literally crying my eyes out when a voice came in from behind me;

‘I told you to bring me coffee some minutes ago, what is keeping you?’

It was you. I wiped my eyes immediately and said, ‘I’ll bring it sir.’ 

You could hear from my tone that I was crying. 

‘Bring me coffee,’ you said coldly and walked away. 

You didn’t care if I was in tears or not. I made you cappuccino. I walked into your office, my hands shook as I saw Debbie standing by your side. I was sure you two had just finished kissing. You’d kissed her the same way you kissed me some months back. 

‘I will need a coffee too,’ Debbie said. I wanted to leap on her and slap her face. I wanted to yell at her and tell her that I wasn’t her coffee server. But I was wrong. I was the coffee server. I was paid to serve everyone coffee. 

I went back to the kitchen and made her café latte. When I walked into your office the second time, she was by your side, pointing at something on a paper. Accenting her English so you could like her more. Pushing her body toward yours so that her big curvy breast could touch your arms. 

Till after 7pm we still had people troop in. White people. I served over thirty cups of coffee until the rains came to meet me. I was washing the coffee cups when you came to me;

‘It’s raining, I will be waiting for you outside so that I could drop you,’ you said. I nodded without saying a word. Nothing would have made me enter your car, not even if it rained brimstone. My pride wouldn’t let me. I was too angry, too sad.

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