Caffeine [Chapter 12]



On days like this, it’s important to just keep it in your heart, because even the memories a cellphone has, might be erased. So, I didn’t have to record the 2018 G-class SUV Mercedes Benz you got for me as a Valentine day gift. I stared at it with my eyes wide open, shocked. 

I didn’t need a car like this. Where was I supposed to park it? It was as if you knew what my mind said, so you held my hands and said calmly to me;

‘We will go to Apapa and carry your sister to a new apartment in Ajah.’ I almost passed out! The joy was too much. I cried. The end of living in a small, tight apartment was here. The end of going as far as Yaba street to fetch water, carrying paint buckets on our heads was over. 

I walked pass blocks of flats with brightly colored balconies. All of these flats were owned by you. You gave us one of it. A two-bedroom flat, with a big sitting room, two toilets, a store and a kitchen. 

We can now go bring our grandmother to visit us in Lagos. She would be excited that our late mother’s prayers had not been in vain. 

My late mother, while she was alive, always prayed that we find good men. Not a man like our father, who was clearly an infidel. 

This man made me. You. 

Packing from Apapa to Ajah, was joyful. I could see the joy on my sister’s face when she left old dirty pots in the sink. 

‘We won’t need them in our new house,’ she said excitedly. ‘Not even Ghana must go bags and these rags!’ Martha said as she pushed the bag with her legs. ‘Your Oga will buy us new clothes abi?’ she asked. But I only replied with a smile. 

From your coffee server, to the girl who gave out her virginity to you, you gave me the world. A car and a house in just one day. 

‘I wonder what your Oga will do for us when you marry him. Kiki marry him o. Make sure you marry him o,’ Martha said as she walked around our new house. 

You covered the walls with brick wallpapers by yourself. You said it reminded you of Asheville. It reminded you of your grandmother’s love and childhood memories. 

You parked my new car on our frontage and I stood proudly and stared at it. 

The next day, I would resume work, and as I walk around to serve coffee, it would be with pride that I am the love of your life. 

As I stepped into the kitchen, my eyes met with this girl.

‘Who are you?’ I asked, looking surprised.

‘My name is Yetunde, I am the new coffee server,’ she said. My heart sank. ‘I am the coffee server here,’ I blurted out.

‘Kini, the boss is calling you,’ Shola said. 

It was the right time that you called. I walked hastily away, walking to your office with a question in my mind. 

‘You’re no more the coffee server here.’ 

‘Why sir?’ I asked. 

‘We’re traveling with Laura Bryn next month to America. You’ll no more work as a coffee server from today henceforth. You’re now into full time modeling,’ you said.

I took a deep breath. Even though I was looking directly into your eyes, I couldn’t tell if you were telling me the truth or not. I didn’t have an international passport, no visa. 

‘Padi will bring in someone that will deliver your passport tomorrow. And from there, he will drive you to the American Embassy.’ 

I didn’t know what to do, if I was to scream or just fall on you. 



I was surprised at the tears that sprang to your eyes. I had tremendous power over you and you couldn’t deny it. 

‘Thank you for all you’ve done for me’ was all you said and I think you didn’t have to. Your body was given to me on a platter of gold, and that was enough appreciation. 

I walked toward you and gave you a warm hug. But you wanted more than a hug. A kiss perhaps, and of course, I couldn’t resist the invitation when you clasped your hand around my wrist. 

Then I kissed you with all passion. Deeper and deeper, I kissed you. 

‘Today, I will take you to my house and show you around,’ I said to you. 

A flicker of feminine interest stirred. Just looking at you was a delight. My fingers brushed your skin, gliding over the flawless contours of your face. To touch you was paradise. 

I drew you closer to myself and you didn’t resist. You didn’t tell me that we were at the office, and that people might see us. And that fact made me bold enough to kiss you again. Although you seemed more tentative, you kissed me back. It took only a few seconds for the passion to flame between us. It was the most delicious blaze I had ever felt. 

My office door suddenly opened, there was no knock as usual. Shola and Debbie had come in for their report. I’d forgotten what time it was exactly, but I knew they’d come to give their report. Your mouth was on my lips when they saw us. When I looked into your eyes, I saw that you were not shocked, I didn’t see any surprise in your eyes. 

‘The both of you should get out and knock as courtesy demands,’ I ordered.

‘So sorry sir,’ they chorused. I saw the shock and disappointment in their eyes, even when they’d tried to cover up with fake smiles.

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