Caffeine [Chapter 11]



My eyes closed when I felt so much but could not speak. I had not imagined anything more exquisite than what you were doing to me or anything so painful as wanting you to do more. 

Your desire was unleashed at last, and it tore through you. Your hand moved over my hips, pulling me closer to you, merging me to your body. 

You moved your hand down and touched me intimately. You drew in a quick breath when I arched against your hand, inviting you to do more. 

You couldn’t wait, there was no time to woo me into accepting you. If you didn’t have me that moment, you would have burst. You covered my body with yours and eased inside me, gritting your teeth at the intense pleasure that swept through you. I had been untouched, and my tightness stopped you. You didn’t want to hurt me, so you pulled back. Slowly, your finger slid into me, and I cried out. 

‘I know what you are feeling, my love. I know this is new to you. Trust me, I will make you like it,’ you whispered sweetly. 

‘Okay, okay,’ I managed to say. 

I bit my lower lip but still groaned when you touched a certain spot, and I almost came off the bed.  

‘Easy baby, I will be easy,’ you said. You nudged my legs wide apart, your eyes drifting shut when you experienced emotions so acute that they were like pain. I knew you wanted to remember the moment my body was finally joined with yours, this body you always talked about. 

I opened my body to you, my arms going around your neck, and my fingers touching your lips up to your throat. 

You quaked and trembled, and you sought my mouth, partaking of my sweetness. You tried to control your movements, to still your heartbeat, but you were on fire. 

My emptiness filled with your warmth as you slowly pushed forward inside me. When you probed deeper, tears gathered in my eyes, I sighed pleasurably. 

‘It’s going to hurt, forgive me,’ you said as you drove inside me, unable to contain your torrid passion. With a quick jab, you tore through the barrier that had made me a virgin. I heard my hymen break before I imagined the rush of blood. 

When you heard my sharp breath and felt me stiffen, you stopped and held me tightly. 

‘The pain will go, it won’t last long my love,’ you said. 

I could not utter a word as you eased farther into me. My eyes widened in wonder when you slowly rocked back and forth. 

I watched you bare your teeth, and I stared into those wonderful golden eyes that were like flames of fire. I had the feeling you were drawing me inside you, and the sensation was beyond anything I had ever imagined. You seemed to know what would please me, and you masterfully conquered me. 

When I arched against you, drawing you deeper, you whispered roughly, ‘I love you.’ 

Your love making opened the door to so many emotions. One new feeling had hardly struck before another took its place to leave me gasping for breath. We trembled together as we reached satisfaction. 



We clung to each other while our spirits seemed to soar free. 

Long moments passed as my fingers interlocked with yours, and I raised your hand to my lips. You slid your hand from mine and pushed my hair back, kissing my mouth. 

You sighed. I took a deep breath. 

Reluctantly, I moved off you and turned you to face me, pushing a sweaty dampened curl from my face. I traced your arched brow with a finger and drew it down to your swollen lips. 

‘I am the first man you’ve had sex with,’ I said. It wasn’t a question. 

You ran your fingers up my arm. ‘I have never really thought of giving it out to just anyone.’ You lowered your lashes coyly. 

My laughter was deep as I touched my mouth to yours.

‘You have just given me your purity and sweetness. Your chastity. And I would definitely surprise you, even though it’s not worth your virginity. Your virginity is the greatest gift I have ever had.’ 

I was sure we would have a powerful relationship. 

I took your face in my hands and made you look at me.

‘You and I were meant to be for each other,’ I said.

You pulled back and raised yourself up on your elbow.

‘I know. I had a feeling about it on the first day you offered me a job as a coffee server in your company,’ you said softly.

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