Caffeine [Chapter 10]


I watched as you worked on your system, while I sipped American honey from a small glass cup. 

‘You’re in love with me Kini,’ you said, your eyes still on your laptop. 

I shrugged, ‘I like you as my brother.’ 

You fell back on the chair and laughed out so loud. 

‘What’s funny sir?’ 

You stood up and walked to me, I was lying on the bed, covered with a warm quilt when you stood right in front of me. ‘ You get jealous when you see Debbie near me.’

‘That’s not true, Debbie might be your girlfriend, but who cares?’ I said. I wasn’t sure of what I was saying, if it was right or not. 

‘You care. You give a damn. I see jealousy and envy in your eyes each time any woman is near me. You love me. You’re in love with me, I know it. I feel it. I dream of it. I am seeing it in your eyes right now. And I can swear that you do.’ 

You expected an argument, but I remained still, my breathing shallow and rapid. You settled on the bed, and came close to me. You could feel the tiny puffs of my breath against your chest. 

‘I wanted to give you time to know me. I wasn’t going to leave you for some other woman. No woman. I have let go of lots of things to be with you today. I have courageously risked a lot for you that is to come.’  

Your fingers tightened lightly on my hair, and you wanted to pull my mouth to yours for another kiss, but I’d become too drunk, I couldn’t control myself. You only wanted me to come back into your arms, but I wanted more than just being in your arms. I wanted intimacy. My mind drifted back to your kisses, to the feel of my body beneath your hands and mouth, and to my own touch traveling over your skin. 



I felt another surge of desire for you. You’d won a place in my heart, since the first day I tasted your coffee, your caffeine. And even if you’d also tried so hard not to say this to me, you couldn’t deny that you had feelings for me too, just the same way I did. 

‘Touch me. Make love to me,’ I heard you mutter softly. 

All I wanted was to carry you in my arms and make love to you so I could watch the expression on your face, see your reaction to my touch. I wanted to learn everything about what pleased you. 

I can’t remember the last time anyone made me feel that way. I hadn’t allowed myself to feel anything for anyone for years now. And you came into my life and overwhelmed me with the effect of a sledgehammer to the head. I was smitten by you. 

‘Make love to me,’ you cried out as you pulled off your clothes. I became confused. I never wanted to touch you on our first night together, but I couldn’t control myself any longer. When you gripped my shoulders and tried to pull off my shirt, there was that intensity that I kept tightly reined.

‘You had too much of that drink,’ I said as I slowly brought you to myself, dipping my head to kiss your breast, through the thin material of your brassiere. My heart rose to my throat when you opened your eyes and stared at me. You looked at me strangely, and I suddenly became silent and withdrawn. 

‘I can’t do this,’ I said as I got down from the bed. Your hands were trembling when you sat up. Your eyes sought mine worriedly;

‘You’re not sure if you want to stay with me or not? You’ve not decided yet, if you want to love me or not? You don’t want to make love to me because you’re not sure of staying with me for so long?’ The questioned tumbled out of your mouth in quick succession.

‘That’s not true. You’re drunk, I don’t wanna take advantage of you.’ 

‘I am not drunk!’ you said aloud.

You came to me from the bed. I watched your hand go to my belt, and I waited until you were done taking it off. Your heart was pounding, drumming against your breast as I removed my shirt, allowing it to slide to the floor. You didn’t look away when I slid my trousers down. Your eyes widened when you saw my arousal, and I carefully laid you on the bed and came toward you. 

Gently, I swept your long hair off your face and bent over you, kissing your lips. You were breathing fast when I laid my face against yours. 

‘I have waited a long time for a night like this,’ you said. I lifted you and we both knelt on the bed, I unhooked your brassiere and it fell in a dump at your feet. 

My gaze moved slowly over your naked body. My voice was heavy when I said, ‘You’re beautiful.’

And I began to explore every inch of your body that had kept me awake many nights.

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