Boyfriend Snatcher [Chapter 18]


His words left her cold. She didn’t understand how one man would be so perfect in all ramifications.

Ndidi curled in on herself and despite that she never wanted his body to touch hers, she still looked diminished by his side and even more vulnerable. Exhaustion had stripped her of her bravado. With her lips turned downward, she listened to Jackson as he spoke.

“I am deeply sorry for posting our picture without your consent,” he said, “I want to work a university transfer for you back to America, where you can continue with your Medicine and Surgery,” he added.

“That’s not possible,” she said.

“I want you to leave Nigeria.”

“That’s not possible,” she retorted.

“But, you have to be my wife first,” he said as he brought out a small box of ring from under the bed and presented it to her.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed and covered her mouth with her hands. She was nervous just by looking at the way the diamond ring sparkled in unique different colors from the inside. Her heartbeat quickened.

“Yes, yes, I will be your wife!” she exclaimed and jumped up to hug him. She couldn’t believe that she was going to be his wife. He took her finger and placed the ring on it. Then he took a picture of her sleek fingers with the ring on it, and posted it on Instagram and wrote; ‘I found my true love.’

The news of his engagement went wild, breaking the internet.

He kissed her passionately and whispered endearments to her. A whisper of breeze tickled her cheek. She felt like she was by the seaside, excited and joyous. She didn’t know how she was going to tell her mother that she just got engaged. She’d never told her about being in a relationship, and she was going to find her words awkwardly surprising. She was just in level two hundred and already thinking of marrying a man. ‘A footballer’ might sound a little bit demeaning to her mother’s ears. But she was going to explain to her that he was more than what she had in mind.

The seductive sparkle in Jackson’s eyes emboldened her and she asked;

“When will you make love to me?”

He was astounded.

“Not today. There are special moments for that my love, and that moment will come soon,” he said and kissed her again.


The next morning, he drove her to her house to pack her stuff. While he tried to find a good space to pack outside, she rushed out of the car to carry her boxes and her car.

“Congratulations on your engagement,” Sifon’s voice came in. Ndidi paused for long moments before she replied, “Thanks” casually, yet snobbishly.

“I heard you won’t be with us anymore,” Sifon said, but Ndidi ignored her and concentrated on dragging out her boxes from the room to the sitting room.

“I’m sorry for whatever happened between us. I don’t know what came over me,” Sifon said. Ndidi finally raised her face to hers and saw how haggard she looked. Her heart got broken. Tears suddenly rushed out from her eyes, and when Sifon saw that Ndidi was being emotional for her, she cried too.

At the end of half an hour, they were crying and hugging themselves. No one answered the door when Jackson knocked. There were no sounds coming from inside. It took him only a few seconds to force the door open.

There wasn’t much to see, only an empty sitting room with a carpet, then Ndidi and Sifon, teary in each other’s arms. A pile of clothes was on the floor alongside Ndidi’s boxes of clothes and shoes. A bottle of Lord’s gin was on the reading desk with one used glass; There was also a letter, an apology letter which Sifon had written to Ndidi and Jackson.

“I thought you were in trouble or something. Sorry I broke down the door,” Jackson said as he picked up Ndidi’s bags.

“Mr. Jackson,” Sifon called, “I’m sorry I lied against you,” she said amidst tears.

“We’ve gotten over that,” he said as he carried Ndidi’s box to the car.

After Jackson had packed everything Ndidi owned, except the mattress, bed, refrigerator, air condition unit and the car, Ndidi brought out a bunch of keys from her handbag and handed it to Sifon.

“Take the car and everything that is mine in this house,” she said.

Sifon fell to her knees and cried more, but Jackson was too uncomfortable, he held Ndidi’s hands and gave a sign that they should leave.

“I’ll miss you roomy,” Sifon cried.

“Me too,” Ndidi said and ran back to hug her for the last time.

“Thank you so much Ndidi.”

She would tell her mother about her engagement and she would be excited about it. Jackson’s uncle will work her university transfer to Los Angeles, and she would school and live there with Jackson.


Marrying Ndidi was the best thing that happened to Jackson. He was ready to wait for her to finish medical school, but she couldn’t wait to be his wife.

They were in an elevator, heading to their suite in Lagos, where she would get her visa when he asked her, “How do you feel right now?”

“Like the world is at my feet,” she replied softly.

He held her hands and whispered softly to her ears, “Tomorrow, you and I will be marrying at the Customary Court at Surulere. And your mom, and my family will be here. It was supposed to be a sweet surprise, but I can’t keep it to myself,” he said.

She smiled—a genuine joyous smile. As his lips melted against hers, she reached out and pushed the emergency button, bringing time to a grinding halt. They made love for the first time in an elevator.

The End

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