Behind A Thousand Smiles [Chapter 13]


She was gone. Emily. 

She left with his baby, and he cried so bad he couldn’t get consoled. 

Ini looked into his eyes and felt a rush at what she found there. Affection, frustration, longing. She couldn’t find a trace of casual emotions. 

Ini had not seen him that way before. 

“She was supposed to leave for America last weekend. Her EDD was supposed to be today. We were about finding out the sex of the baby on the day you came to the office,” he said to Ini. There was a touch of pain in his voice, and a good sized chunk of honest vulnerability. 

“She loved me genuinely,” he said.

She saw tears in her husband’s eyes for the first time since he married her. He was feeling doomed, and she was feeling guilty. She looped her arms around his neck and kissed him. 

“I fell in love with someone too. An old friend. He was supposed to be my first love many years ago. But I came back home because I thought it wasn’t possible to forsake my home for love that couldn’t stand the test of time,” Ini said 

Edem stared at her in wonderment for a moment and drew her to himself, then he hugged her. 

He knew that he married her based on circumstances. And if their love was genuine, he would not fall in love with someone else. 

Ini’s eyes ached with unshed tears. She took a steadying breath as she sat beside him. 

The doorbell rang, and they both heard David’s voice. Ini rushed to the door and saw a baby in David’s arms. David held the baby firmly as he stared at Ini. 

“Edem!” she screamed his name. He rushed to the door and when he saw the baby in David’s arms, David nodded at him, “The baby is here boss…”

“Where is she?” Ini asked, as Edem knelt before him and collected the baby from David’s arms. There was a letter attached to the baby’s body suit. He opened it immediately, while Ini stared at the baby In amazement. She touched the baby’s little hands, and loved that he looked so much like Edem. 

To Be Continued next weekend.

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