A Weekend At Eko [Chapter 5]


When it was time to leave, they were both tipsy.

They smelt of romance or something close to that. 

When they walked out of the almost-crowded club into the muted brightness outside, Belinda laughed out so loud to the silly things Femi was saying. 

Heavy clouds hung low across the sky. The air seemed filled with electricity that had nothing to do with the worsening weather, it was going to rain.

For the first time in Femi’s life, he was alone. No servants. No bodyguards. He was with a girl he’d just met at the hotel he lodged, and he was comfortable in her arms. In her presence he’d want to remain there all the rest of his life without going back to the heaviness of his company, and the troubles his ex-wife Toyosi placed on his shoulders. 

Toyosi wanted more than just being married to a multi-billionaire. She wanted his wealth too. She’d been divorced long before he got all he had now, and so, Femi thought she wasn’t a part of whatever he had worked hard to build. 

His son Segun thought his mother was being overreactive. 

“I won’t give any woman a penny of my own if she was never part of it from the beginning mommy. Let Baba rest from your troubles,” Segun said to his mother once.  

‘Baba’.  Femi detested that name. He hated feeling too old to be called that. When Segun was just two years of age, he used to call him ‘Dada’. Femi preferred Dada. And as Segun grew older, he called his father ‘sir mi’ or ‘Dad’. He called Femi ‘Baba’ only before his mother Toyosi.

Segun was sixteen years of age and was in Clemson university in America. He was taller than his age, and he talked like a mature man. He was Femi’s only son by Toyosi his ex-wife, who divorced him because they weren’t compatible. He snored at night and Toyosi detested it. She detested seeing him in the white Beetle. He’d been driving it for years, and Toyosi thought it was only stingy men who drove cars for that long.

She complained about how he used a toothbrush for three months instead of two weeks. And nagged when he didn’t wash his plates after eating. 

Wind stockings cracked sharply in the breeze. The streets were busy with young boys carrying empty bottle of water in a big basket. Some women stood by the road side, just across the road, dressed in filmy dresses that revealed their bare pointed breasts. There was this awe that filled Belinda’s eyes as her eyes roved the scene. 

“God go punish you!” a boy cursed as Tunde blew his horn loudly at him. He was in the middle of the road, trying to get an empty bottle. 

“You should have waited for him to carry his bottle,” Belinda said. 

“Madam, these boys can be thieves, so you don’t just stop like that,” Tunde said. 

“Oh wow,” Belinda muttered.

“Welcome to Nigeria,” Femi whispered aloud. 

“What do they use these bottles for?” Belinda asked. 

“They sell them to companies. They also recycle them for the companies, or they use them for other things,” Tunde said. 


She was a curiosity, and Femi found her interesting. She was the kind of woman her mother Iya Femi would have loved to have as a daughter-in-law. Though she was far younger, it didn’t matter at all.

His mother despised the presence of Toyosi from the outset. From the day her son Femi had brought her home in Ogun, she whispered to him, “This one doesn’t look like she is the right one.” But Femi didn’t mind his mother’s words. He’d met Toyosi at the University of Ibadan, and he loved her. He loved the fact that she was organized. He loved her fair skin. Toyosi was all he wanted at that moment. 

Belinda caught a glimpse of his eyes, “You’re staring at me?” she asked him. 

“Yes, I am,” he replied softly. 


“Because I have to just stare at this beautiful human by my side.” 

Belinda caught her breath. 

He held her hands and placed them on his chest. “Belinda, you should stay longer here. Don’t worry, I can pay for your stay.” 

“I had already paid for a return ticket for the 15th, a day after Valentine,” she said. 

“I will refund you. No matter the cost. I will pay.”

He looked briefly across the road and took his attention back to Belinda. “Did you hear me?” he asked again, this time, looking into her eyes.

Clearly sensing the romantic undertone, she stared at his pink lips. The kind of lips she would love to kiss. 

As soon as Tunde drove into Eko premises, the rain began. 

They were both cold. The chilling air condition in the car had frozen them. Femi moved closer to her and pulled her into his arms. Everything about her was tempting. She was looking too young and too vulnerable for him. Yet, he was intrigued. 

“Tunde, you can go with the umbrella, we will find our way to our rooms,” Femi said. 

“Sir the umbrella…” 

“Don’t worry. Let the car keys be there. I will lock the car later. Goodnight,” he said boldly. Tunde alighted from the car and ran hastily out from the rain to his room. 

Clearly by the sparkles in his eyes, Belinda knew he was going to do something to her. Maybe kiss her or strip her off her clothes while they made love right there.

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