A Weekend At Eko [Chapter 12]


They were about hanging out when Femi’s stomach began to rumble. Then it ached and kept rumbling. He was sweating profusely. 

“My stomach aches.” He said as he rushed to the toilet. He was stooling. The farting noise came in so loud that it made Belinda laugh. 

“It’s the efo riro,” he said. “But I have eaten it here before. I don’t understand why it’s disturbing me now.”

“Sorry Femi, you’ll be fine.” Belinda said, trying not to laugh. 

Femi was still in the toilet when hers began, her stomach rumbled too. And she suddenly felt like defecating. 

“Femi, please I want to poo too. My stomach!” she said, holding her tummy firmly.

Femi laughed out loud. “I heard you laugh at me when I was stooling,” he said, as he cleaned himself and the cistern flushed. When Belinda heard the cistern flush, she ran into the toilet and pushed Femi aside. 

“We have two toilets in this suite Belinda,” Femi said as he removed his clothes and walked into the shower. 

“It’s the wine,” Belinda said as she stooled hard. 

“I thought as much.” 

“You encouraged me to drink it Femi.” 

“Well, I didn’t force you.” 

“Now you would have been stooling without me joining you,” she said and began to laugh. 

Femi laughed too.

“You thought that wine was going to be like Richebourg Grand Cru or Domaine Georges and Christophe Roumier,”Belinda teased.

Femi laughed out so loud. He couldn’t control himself at Belinda’s words. 

“Did you see how I looked at that girl when she called the price?” he asked, laughing. 

“You were like, what the fuck!” Belinda said still laughing. 

When she had cleaned up herself, she joined him in the shower. 

She had not gone through her phone since the previous day. 

They spent the afternoon sightseeing, and riding speed boats. Eating suya and talking about everything. They talked about their families. Belinda talked about her father and his wives. It wasn’t really a happy story, but it was an interesting story that Femi listened to with every amount of interest and pleasure. 

They strolled back to their hotel room and slept in each other’s arms for hours. 

When they finally woke up, Belinda had missed touching her phone. She’d missed going through Instagram. She’d wanted to see pictures of her best friend again before she finally blocks her on Instagram. 

“I am off for the meeting,” Femi said as he kissed her gently on the forehead. He brushed his mouth, used his deodorant after a quick shower and left. 

Belinda went to her room, and when she got there, she met the hotel management at her doorpost. 

“What are you doing there?” she asked. 

“We’re the hotel management ma’am. We have been calling this room for quite a long time now, but no one picks. We wanted to be sure you’re safe,” the curly-haired Arabian man said. 

“It’s my room, I am staying there. Don’t be worried if i don’t pick your calls.” 

“It’s okay ma’am, be safe,” he said and walked away. 

She got into her room and checked her phone, she’d missed over fifty-six calls. There were piles of messages and emails she’d not opened. 

She went through her missed calls and they were all from Faniran and Tania. 

When she opened her message inbox and saw messages from Tania and Faniran, she gave a loud sigh and opened them. 

Faniran’s message read: 

‘It’s been two good days, you have refused picking my calls to talk to me. You’re not replying my messages. Believe me, I am not dating Tania. We have never done things together. Never. That day you came, she called me and said she was at the hospital. Her boyfriend Teniola beat her up again. I had to go settle the bills. I was on my way going to her place to drop her, when my boss called that I should be at the office immediately.  I had to rush home to dress at once. Tania was ready to wait for me in the car since we were all heading the same way. I can’t have anything to do with your friend. Please don’t make this Valentine be this way.”

Belinda read the message again and again, she didn’t know what to say. She closed it and opened Tania’s message. ‘When I saw you standing there, I pleaded with Faniran not to let you see me because you might think otherwise. I was hospitalized, and he came to pay my bills. He was the only one I knew would be buoyant to help since my sister was out of town. I missed you Bestie. Please come see me.’ 

Belinda fell on the bed, confused. She was already with another man. Someone she’d given her whole body to. There was no love for Faniran anymore. Only pity and something else she couldn’t explain. 

The only person she really wanted to see was Tania. She wanted to apologize, hug her, tell her how much she missed her and then they would both settle, and she would tell her of Olufemi Adefarasin.

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