A Weekend At Eko [Chapter 10]


And again, he’d entered her slowly and when he found out that she was wet again, he kissed her. The woman he loved was wet for him. Not the random women that his manager sent to him. Not Toyosi. Toyosi was never wet, they had to use water to help moisten her body in order for him to make an easy pass.

Femi made love to Belinda very gently, afterwards she curled up in his arms and drifted off to sleep. 

When she opened her eyes, she noticed it was past noon. She glanced at the spot beside her and found it empty. Anxiously she sat up, holding the sheet to her breasts. “Femi?” she called out.

He stepped out of the bathroom wearing a towel around his waist.

“So, you finally decided to wake up eh?” He saw the look on her face and asked, “What’s wrong with you?” 

“Nothing,” she lied. “I am so freaking tired, and hungry.”

She wasn’t about to confess that she’d been afraid he’d left. The things she saw on TV wasn’t about happening to her at Eko.

“I need to shower,” she said, shy that if she should remove the sheets from her body, Femi was going to see her bare breast and the shape of her buttocks. 

She got out of the bed slowly, the sheet still covering her body. 

“Get that stuff off your body. You lost your body to me since. Just get to the bathroom naked,” he said to her. She fell on the bed and laughed.

“Olufemi Adefarasin, I haven’t seen a man like you before, ah!” she tried mimicking the way he spoke and pronounced his name. 

She removed the sheet from her body and hurried shyly to the bathroom. Femi smiled, she was such a baby. 

A knock came, and he hurriedly wore a robe, and made for the door. He wasn’t expecting room service, the hotel never called him to inform him that someone was coming to clean the suite. 

“Hi Femi?” A female voice came in. He was shocked to see her. A girl dressed in a red tight mini gown. Her hair was nicely braided all back with a red colored hair wool. He tried to get her face clearly. 

“Aduni?” She introduced herself again as if she was asking him of her name. 

“How did you know that I’m here and what are you doing here?” he asked with shock in his tone. 

She rolled her eyes, “You didn’t give me your number sha. I am here for you. I drove down here from Surulere, just after I was informed that you’ve been here since. How are you my love, tomorrow is Valentine.” 

He was confused. “I don’t get, and so? If tomorrow is Valentine?” 

“I’m here to spend it with you,” Aduni said, accentuating her words.

“You have to go; my wife is in there,” Femi said as he tried to comport himself. He didn’t want to go mad. He didn’t want to make a scene. He didn’t want to call the hotel security and find out how a girl he had a one-night stand with and he paid her over a million naira found her way back to his private suite. He’d never taken any girl to his private suite before, Belinda was the first girl he’d ever taken there. 

Aduni laughed out loud, “You and I know that your wife isn’t married to you anymore. You’re divorced Mr. Femi,” she said as she rolled out her tongue stylishly. 

“Get out of here, before I call the police!” 

“Who is there? Femi?” Belinda’s voice called out. 

“It is Femi’s girlfriend!” Aduni said aloud. 

Femi angrily slammed the door against her and walked to the telephone, “Call me all the hotel securities now, someone just intruded my privacy and I wanna know how she got a link.” he said over the phone.  

Aduni was still knocking softly. Belinda was confused as she got on the untidied sheets and rolled under the duvet. 

“What’s happening? ” she asked, looking confused. 

But Femi ignored her. He hissed and walked around angrily. 

Not long after, the security men arrived, he rushed to the door and said to them, “Take her away, and find out why she intruded my privacy and how she knew that I am here. I want to know the receptionist on duty and why a girl would come into my room just like that. What if she was a hired killer?” Femi asked angrily. 

The security men nodded and took Aduni away. 

“Femi please, let’s talk this out in private!” Aduni screamed.

The hotel management apologized and promised to give him another private suite. 

And in less than thirty minutes they’d come back to tell him of Aduni’s confessions. 

“Sir, her sister works for us as a receptionist, she informed her that you were here with another girl and that made Aduni to come,” the Arabian manager said in a cut-and-join English accent. 

“Fire her sister! And you have to please be security conscious!” Femi said and slammed the door behind him. 

“What’s happening?” Belinda asked, “Why did we have to move to another suite?” 

Femi settled on the soft couch, stretched his legs and said, ” A girl I once met here some months ago, has been stalking me. I never knew she even has a sister who works here and tells her everything. I’m sure they do runs, and she connects her sister to some big men.” He sighed bitterly. 

“Did you have sex with her?” Belinda asked, Femi nodded calmly. 

“Did you use a condom?” 

“Of course!” he exclaimed.

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