A Weekend At Eko [Chapter 1]


He was a billionaire. A CEO of a prestigious bank. 

Belinda had never met him, never heard of him, but he was one of the finest men she’d ever meet. One in a kind. 

When she walked into the pool house with her black and white stripped Bikini, and a body wrap tied loosely around her waist, she didn’t have an idea that she’d gotten someone’s head turned around in 180 degrees. 

She was beautiful–fair skin and a small long face. 

Femi Adefarasin sat there observing her in his Givenchy body trunk. Coats of water dotting his body. His scent was a mixture of Burberry by Clive Christian and Versace Extrait. His Rolex oyster perpetual deep-sea wrist watch gave an impression about him. He was either a yahoo boy, or a Nigerian politician. That’s how they looked, glamorously rich and quite noticeable. 

He observed her over his glass, a hint of seduction and amusement in his eyes. The part of her that relished him was when she winked at him. He smiled childishly and knew that he’d caught her attention. 

They were at the Eko Hotel and Suites. A weekend that was never meant to be so. 

He’d come to rest. And she? She’d just returned from America. It was supposed to be a sweet surprise visit to her boyfriend Faniran. The valentine kind of weekend she’d imagined and dreamt of didn’t come through as she had planned. 

She left New York unannounced. And when she got to Lagos, she didn’t also bother to call him to come pick her at the airport as usual. 

And as soon as she arrived his house in Lekki, Amu the security man wouldn’t let her in.

“Oga and madam no dey. Oga no tell me say make I open this gate for any other woman,” Amu said in Pidgin, a local dialect of English. 

“You should know me, It’s Belinda, his girlfriend that stays in America. I was here last year, remember?” she said in a foreign accent.

It was the way she spoke that got her easily noticed. She had the kind of husky voice that could make a man listen to her pleas for as long as she did. 

“Madam, I remember you. But Oga go sack me if I open this gate. Na so I open gate for one sisi last month. Small remain, I for lose my job,” Amu said, scratching his head like he was confused. 

“Okay then, let me call him,” she said and took her phone to dial his number. The phone rang and he rejected her call.

“He is probably busy,” she said. “Are you sure he is home?” 

“E no dey house. E comot with madam.” 

“Madam? His mom or?” 

“Me I no sabi o. You go call am ask that one. Na my lane I dey o,” Amu said mockingly. 

Belinda stood there, the sun scorching her fair glossy skin. 

“Sisi, leave sun o. E bad say you dey love man wey dey womanize like he-goat. Abeg no stand for sun. Come stand for here,” Amu said as he pointed at a tree shade by the gate. 

Amu’s last sentence left her astounded.

“Faniran is dating other women?” she asked. 

“Madam, no be for my mouth you hear that one o,” Amu said, shrugging his shoulders and muttering inaudibly. 

The horn of the car came in abruptly. She came out of the shade;

“Fani!” she called out excitedly and walked to the car. 

He was shocked to see her. He alighted from the car calmly and stared at her like he’d just seen a ghost. 

“What are you doing here?” He asked. 

“It’s Valentine baby, I have come to spend it with you.” 

There was a woman in the car, but the tinted screen couldn’t let her see. 

“You came all the way from America to see me for just Valentine?” He asked, trying to force a smile.

“Valentine is special for lovers Faniran.” 

“Madam WECOM!” Amu waved excitedly at the woman in the car. 

“Who’s in the car?” Belinda asked. 

“My mom.”

He took her aside, “Listen Belin, I can’t see you now. My mom is home, maybe you should just go lodge somewhere, I will come see you. Give me a call. It’s not a time to accept visitors in my house right now,” he said quietly. 

“But that’s your mom. I have been longing to see her.” 

“I know. But this isn’t the right time Belin.” 

“This is just the perfect time Faniran,” she said as she walked to the car boldly and opened it from the driver’s door. “Hello mommy!” She said as she brought her face down. She was bewildered by who she saw, Tania, her best friend.

“What the heck are you doing in my man’s car?” Belinda asked rudely as anger circulated on her face. 

Tania’s heart fell, she stared at Belinda, lost for words. “Belinda please, please…. I have been…” 

“Just shut that lying mouth, bitch. You will never change!” She said and slammed the door. Faniran ran after her as she went to where her luggage was. 

“Baby, please just listen to us. Just listen Belin.” 

“Go have her! You’ve always wanted Tania. I have always known that. I have always known you to be a womanizer. I thought you’d change. You’re getting worse by the day. My best friend!” She exclaimed painfully.

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